Episode 35: Emotional Intelligence Part IV – People Skills

In this episode of the Aviation Business Podcast, we dive deeper into Emotional Intelligence by exploring the Interpersonal composite realm of the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Model. This realm is all about people skills. Learn more about how Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, and Social Responsibility all combine to determine the overall health of your Interpersonal abilities.

The Interpersonal composite consists of the following sub-scales:

1. Interpersonal Relationships – which refers to the skill of developing and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships that are characterized by trust and compassion.

2. Empathy – which is recognizing, understanding, and appreciating how other people feel. Empathy involves being able to articulate your understanding of another’s perspective and behaving in a way that respects others feelings.

3. Social Responsibility is willingly contributing to society, to one’s social groups, and generally to the welfare of others. Social Responsibility involves acting responsibly, having social consciousness, and showing concern for the greater good.

These three subscales combined to determine your composite score or overall health in the Interpersonal realm of emotional intelligence.

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