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private jet insurance

Your Partner In Aviation Insurance

helicopter insurance

Corporate, Municipal & Emergency Aircraft Insurance

crop duster insurance

Agricultural Aviation Insurance

private airport insurance

Individual Aircraft Or Entire Fleets

aviation business insurance

Aviation Business Insurance: Airports, FBO’s, MRO’s, and Manufacturers

private airplane insurance

Private, Corporate & Commercial Aircraft

Aircraft insurance solutions that include non-owned aircraft exposures, aircraft fleets, and workers’ compensation for pilots.

airport insurance

Aviation Businesses

A wide range of aviation insurance solutions for fixed base operators, maintenance repair overhaul, product manufacturers, and airports.

agricultural aviation insurance

Agricultural Aviation

Specialized knowledge and experience lets us meet the insurance needs of aerial applicators, including aircraft and chemical liabilities.

airport hangar insurance

Property and Autos

Policies to protect your assets, such as buildings, hangars, equipment, tools, mobile equipment, vehicles and more.

helicopter insurance


Helicopter insurance coverage for this specialty equipment with unique operations and risks.

drone insurance

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unique insurance solutions for physical damage to drone aircraft and ground systems, as well as liability exposure.

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Portrait image of the founder Tim Bonnell Jr.

I'm Tim Bonnell, President of Aeris Insurance. Let's talk.

Tim Bonnell Jr. is the Founder and President of Aeris Insurance Solutions. He is the author of the book Aircraft Insurance Fundamentals: A Concise Guide For Aircraft Owners and Operators. He’s a third-generation pilot and a second generation aviation insurance broker. Tim was raised in the aviation insurance industry and had the opportunity to learn it from the ground up. His formal education was completed at Kansas State University.

Tim is a private and instrument-rated pilot. He holds the Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Aviation Insurance Professional professional designations. In 2014, he was installed into the inaugural class of the Aviation Insurance Association’s Eagle Society. Tim has served on the boards of directors for the Aviation Insurance Association, Kansas Agricultural Aviation Association, National Agricultural Aviation Association, and the Wichita Aero Club in addition to other community organizations.

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