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Aeris Insurance Solutions provides specialized Aviation Insurance and Risk Management Solutions, specifically tailored to support aviation businesses, airports, and aircraft owners. Utilizing a unique process with an expert team, we ensure the provision of unique, comprehensive, and effective solutions to mitigate risk and safeguard your client’s aviation investments. We encourage you to learn more about the areas we specialize in by visiting

At Aeris, we know that a major key to living out our mission, values, and vision are only possible to be lived out by partnering with other values-aligned organizations. Our enduring alliances with agencies and insurance companies remain integral to our forward trajectory, propelling our continued growth and success.

If you are interested in partnering with Aeris, please send us a message using the subject line Co-Brokering.

A copy of our draft co-broker agreement and payment terms & conditions can be provided for you upon request.

Documentation & Checklist:

  • Copy of Agency’s E&O policy (Minimum limit of $1 million is required)
  • Must be licensed in every state that you do business in.
  • Return a copy of the signed Co-Brokerage Agreement (if approved)

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