Insured’s duties in the event of a loss are to:

  1. Ensure that any medical injuries are addressed
  2. Protect the asset against further loss or harm
  3. Do not admit fault
  4. Promptly notify the insurance company by contacting Aeris Insurance Solutions by phone: 888-442-4358, email: or by completing the form below
  5. Cooperate with government agencies (FAA, NTSB, police, etc.)
  6. Work to collect the information and documentation the insurance carrier requires and cooperate with their claims adjustor to settle the claim

In the event of a loss, obtaining all of the information to comply with the Conditions section of the policy may not be in the front of mind. A good tool to use is to identify the 5 W’s and 1 H of the situation, Who, Where, When, What, Why, and How. Review and identify the following:

  • Who all of the parties involved were: aircraft owner, passengers, pilots, crew, people on the ground, landowner, airport owner or operator, etc. Are there any claimants? Who last performed maintenance on the aircraft? Who last fueled the aircraft? Who last moved the aircraft?
  • Where did the loss occur? Address, a specific airport, near a roadway intersection, or GPS coordinates?
  • When did the loss occur? What date and time?
  • What aircraft, vehicles, property were involved? What are their registration (or VIN, or serial) numbers?
  • Why did the loss occur? Think of factors that may have contributed to the loss: weather, mechanical issues, etc.
  • How can the Named Insured be best contacted by the insurance broker or claims adjuster? Provide the best phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses to reach the Named Insured.

Once the insurance company has been notified of the loss a claims adjustor representing the company will contact you at the numbers provided when reporting the claim. Your Aeris Insurance Solutions representative(s) is your claims advocate. Claims adjusters can be slow to bring agents up to speed on the loss so please contact Aeris Insurance Solutions if you have any questions, or concerns about your claim.