What are Medical Payments on an Aircraft Insurance Policy?

The Insuring Agreements of an aircraft insurance policy specify that the insurance company shall pay all reasonable medical expenses incurred within one year from the date of injury, to or for each passenger (including or excluding crew depending on which is specified in the policy) who sustains bodily injury, provided the occurrence is covered under the policy.  This is meant as a no-fault quick settlement method for small cuts and bruises, ambulatory expenses, etc. In appropriate situations, it could also pay some funeral expenses. Limits for medical expenses are often $1,000-$10,000 Each Passenger on most light aircraft, so it will really only cover minor expenses. Again, fault doesn’t have to be determined, or a potential lawsuit imminent, for this coverage to respond. The Named Insured may even be eligible for Medical Payment expenses. Potential claims over and above the medical expense limit would be subject to the aircraft legal liability coverage.

This is an expert from the book Aircraft Insurance Fundamentals: A Concise Guide for Aircraft Owners and Operators by Timothy K Bonnell Jr.

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