Episode 29: The 12 Week Year

In this episode of the Aviation Business Podcast learn how making 12-week plans each quarter will increase your ability to accomplish your goals and fulfill your vision.

1) Start with your aspirational vision (5-15 Years)

2) Chunk down the aspirational vision into shorter-term 1-3 year goals

3) Make your first 12 Week Plan

a) Establish 1-3 goals that most important to helping you accomplish your short and long term vision

b) Identify the key tactics that you will need to do each day and week to accomplish the goal

4) Plan each and every week

a) Time block each week to be sure you’ve accomplished your tactics

6) Track your tactics to see that you are executing at least 85% of your tactics.

7) On the 13th week, catch up where needed, review the effectiveness of the expiring 12-week pan, review the longer term vision, and make your next 12-week plan.

For more information check out the book: The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran

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