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With our proprietary Service Flight Plan Solution we take care of all the details and leave no surprises.
How we work with clients is the key to a long term partnership. It isn’t just transactional, it’s relational.

Aeris Insurance Solutions

At Aeris Insurance Solutions we believe that how we work with clients should be more than just transactional. It should be relational. Because if you’re going to entrust us with safeguarding your livelihood when so much is at stake, you need to trust us – as people. People who listen; who understand your needs; who find not just any solution for you, but the right one. That’s why we give you the personal attention you deserve and put our experience to work in ways that help you stay ahead of problems so you can focus on what you do best.

We know there are a lot of “what-ifs” that can keep you up at night. Who you can trust to help protect your business shouldn’t be one of them.

Operations Served

private airplane insurance

Aircraft Owners

Aircraft insurance solutions that include non-owned aircraft exposures, aircraft fleets, and workers’ compensation for pilots.

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airport insurance

Airports and Aviation Businesses

A wide range of aviation insurance solutions for fixed base operators, maintenance repair overhaul, product manufacturers, and airports.

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agricultural aviation insurance

Ag Aviation Insurance

Specialized knowledge and experience lets us meet the insurance needs of aerial applicators, including aircraft and chemical liabilities.

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airport hangar insurance

Aviation Products Liability

Policies to protect your assets, such as buildings, hangars, equipment, tools, mobile equipment, vehicles and more.

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helicopter insurance


Helicopter insurance coverage for this specialty equipment with unique operations and risks.

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drone insurance

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unique insurance solutions for physical damage to drone aircraft and ground systems, as well as liability exposure.

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