Episode 10: Leadership Coaching Part 2 – Asking Good Questions

Asking quality, open-ended questions, that lead a coachee towards the desired outcome creates several wins. You’ve helped the coachee move closer to their goals, and you’ve helped them to be able to ask themselves better questions in the future. You’re training them to problem solve.

The 3 Types of Questions:

1. Open (can’t be answered yes or no)
2. Bigger (expands the coachee’s view)
3. Probing (narrows and extends the coachee’s thought process)

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

· Specific
· Measurable
· Attainable
· Relevant
· Time Bound

G.R.O.W Model

· Goal: Focus and narrow down to a specific goal
· Reality: What is the reality of the situation today?
· Options: What are a number of options that could be potential solutions
· Win: The one or two actions the coachee commits to doing

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