Episode 33: Emotional Intelligence Part II – Self-Pereception

In this episode, we dive deeper into emotional intelligence (EQ) by exploring the Self-Perception composite area of the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Model. Learn more about how Self-Regard, Self Actualization, and Emotional Self-Awareness all combine to the overall health of your self-perception.

The Self-perception composite consists of the following sub-scales:

1. Self- Regard – is respecting oneself while understanding and accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses. It is often associated with feelings of inner strength and self-confidence.

2. Self-Actualization – is the willingness to persistently try to improve oneself and engage in the pursuit of personality relevant and meaningful objectives that lead to a rich and enjoyable life. (Growth Mindset)

3. Emotional Self-Awareness – includes recognizing and understanding one’s own emotions. This includes the ability to differentiate between subtleties in one’s own emotions while understanding the cause of these emotions and the impact they have on one’s own thoughts and actions, and those of others.

These three subscales combine to go to determine your composite score or overall health in the Self-Perception realm of emotional intelligence.

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