Airports and Aviation Businesses


Airports and aviation insurance businesses need insurance for a wide variety of reasons, including the need to insure for potential physical damage to the aircraft, obtain protection for the liability exposures for their operations, meet requirements from vendors and lenders, and rest better knowing that their business continuity is insured.

Insurance is complex, perhaps confusing, and purchasing aviation insurance works differently than buying insurance for a home or personal automobile. Insurance rates and underwriting guidelines are constantly changing. There are inexperienced agents, those that lack deep expertise in aviation insurance. While they can sell an aircraft insurance policy, they don’t have the depth of knowledge and experience to address your varying insurance and risk management needs. In addition, many insurance agencies are selling and agents retiring.

The team at Aeris Insurance Solutions, who are aviators and use aircraft in their business, understands the needs of aircraft owners. We have the genuine knowledge, experience, relationships, and processes to address the complexities of aircraft insurance. Aeris serves as your trusted advisor and partner in the aviation insurance market. We have unique processes and solutions to help you manage your aircraft insurance exposures and find the best coverage and terms available in the aviation insurance market. Aeris Insurance is not for sale; now or anytime on the horizon so we are positioned to serve as your trusted advisor in aviation insurance throughout your journey.

Aeris can help you with the range of aviation insurance exposures, including aircraft, business operations and products liability exposures, hangars, offices, contents, tugs and other mobile equipment, automobiles, workers compensation, non-owned aircraft exposures, and more. We work with you to review and address complex contractual insurance requirements, manage certificates of insurance, and navigate as your advocate through the claims process.

Contact Aeris Insurance today, and receive a free, no-obligation, consultation and assessment of your aviation insurance risks.

Partnering with Aeris Insurance as your trusted advisor in aviation insurance will help you better avoid unprotected losses, overpaid premiums, and mitigate unfortunate missteps by previous or current agents. Then you can rest better knowing that your assets and liabilities are protected, your contractual obligations satisfied, and you have a trusted advisor equipped with the flight plan to help you navigate the turbulence in aviation insurance.

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